Fascinating and fleeting, the magic of cinema as a fairground attraction

An approach to "Two Foxholes", by Kang Le.
By Nicolás Sandrini.

"Two Foxholes" is a collage that raises its voice as resistance to historical tragedies, those past and still latent, those present and those we can still avoid.

The fleeting trace of countless glances reminds us of our ephemeral passage, which leaves barely a trace in the face of those terrible events we have been going through for as long as we can remember and even before we understood their imperious necessity.

As its name invites us to think: "two trenches", the proposal requires us to choose a side between winners or losers, yes, it is inevitable; but it is also irrefutable the power and strength of the images, as they allow us to enable a truce at least in our own reflection, reserved to the space generated by the cinema under the shelter of a magical beam of light in the complicity conceived by the screen and our gaze.