7SIFF llega al Multiplex Belgrano

Cada año buscamos fortalecer el marco del festival. Así como pasamos de exhibir únicamente en youtube al Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires, este año damos otro paso en busca de nuestro horizonte. 7SIFF llega al cine Multiplex, donde se proyectarán todas las películas de la 4ta edición y además tendrá lugar la ceremonia de premiación.

7SIFF tal vez no sea un festival (o no lo sea únicamente), tal vez sea una convención de cineastas que se juntan a compartir su creatividad e ingenio para resolver una película de 7 segundos. Es por eso que este año apuntamos a un encuentro con charlas, talleres y puntos de networking. Afianzando, de esta forma, nuestra misión de incentivar la producción audiovisual de cineastas emergentes.

Gracias a Sonia Brussino, Nicolás Ojeda y todo el equipo de Cines Multiplex por confiar en 7SIFF, y recibir este evento que estamos seguros que será el primero de muchos en conjuntos.

El Delirio takes your movies to the festivals

El Delirio Cine is a film production and distribution company based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It distributes short and feature films for festivals, exhibitions and competitions, developing the best distribution and marketing strategy together with the filmmakers of each film. Currently, they have a wide and diverse catalog of audiovisual works that have generated great festival tours and expanded their sales and exploitation possibilities. In addition, El Delirio Cine develops and produces short films, series and feature films, focusing on gender content, social background and sexual diversity.

Very soon comes the 9:16 (Festivals friends)

9:16 Fest is a space that invites filmmakers to step out of their comfort zone, to experiment with the limits of filming, the entire vertical format.
Filming in 9:16 aspect ratio means changing the usual way we are used to seeing: rethinking the composition of the image, the cuts and transitions we apply in editing, looking for creative ways to group actors and technical equipment, experimenting with scenarios and camera optics. We launch the challenge to anyone who wants to participate, to shoot short films in vertical. You can apply to this call with short films from one minute to half an hour, films made in TikTok, Instagram reels, YouTube Shorts, short films filmed with cell phone, the challenge is to make a creative story with the tools you have at hand.

Open call for entries

You have until July 23rd to send your 7 seconds film. Remember to add 2 seconds for the title and 4 seconds for the credits. This way it will last 13 seconds in total. Don't be left out. Because this year you will also be able to attend talks by emerging audiovisual filmmakers.


The GRAND PRIX winning film will be awarded a trophy and diploma. All winning films will receive a diploma. All films in competition will be screened at the festival. The winning films will be screened in the City of Buenos Aires.

The Enchulame la Cámara Award will be chosen from among the participants in the University Film category and consists of 2 days of free film equipment rental. (Only Argentinian movies).

And the 2022 winners are

The Museum of Modern Art of Buenos Aires dressed up as a movie theater for 7 seconds. For the first time we announced the winners with the directors present on site.

We screened all the films, both those in competition and those of the parallel exhibitions.

Then we went through category after category, each nominated work and its respective winner.

Here we met the directors of the last edition, invited them to the stage and listened to their words that touched everyone.

Edinburgh Short Film Festival: call for entries (Festival friends)

At 7SIFF we link up with festivals in other parts of the world. We generate alliances so that filmmakers reach more screens with their works.

Thus in 2022 we have screened participating works from the Edinburgh International Short Film Festival. Winning films from all over the world are also shown on our screen, just as the Edinburgh Short Film Festival has screened the winners of 7SIFF 2021.

This initiative generates a lot of interest and gratitude, strengthening the bond between the festival and its participants, who are taking their first steps in film festivals.